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Post  Formaldahyde on Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:11 am

Okay here is a little tread about PvP, since some are intrested but dunno how it works propperly.

PvP, Player versus Player.
In this mode its important that you keep track on your skills.
So before you do your first match its recommend that you look into your skill list and see how your skills work.
As for IL mage, Ice Strike (Mob Attack) got a Cooldown in PvP.
So the changes might differ sligtly.

Next is attack,
Gear, is of no use in PvP your attack and damage range dont influance your PvP (Cept for 180+ Legend class)
Battle mode attack does influance your PvP damage a little bit, the more you have the better you can kill in PvP.
If You want to be a PvP monster its recommend to get the lvl 70 PvP gear and make that(do that on your PvP char)

Next is Drops in PvP,
There are Bottles with items in them in PvP, the items are as follows. They activate on pick up.
Glove, ups your attack.
Shield, ups your defence
Blue heart, Recover 30% MP
Red heart, Recover 30% HP
Pink heart, Recover 30% HP and MP
Blue heart with yellow tribal, works like all cure
? Box, can give any of the above or, invicibilety, increase in Points, Transform you into a monster. And debuffs on your opponents, like Seal, Blind, Darkness, weakness.

There are 4 Quests you are able to do in PvP (not sure if they stay yet)
Each one reward you with 1GE
The first one is, getting a 1000 score in Solo match
The Second one is, winning 3 Team matches
The third one is winning in Ice knight Mode as the Ice knight
The fourth one is playing PVP 5 times.

At last, the reward.
BP 500 (1GE)
BP1500 (4GE)
BP2500 (7GE)

10 GE, A piece of Larsons PvP Jewel Set that gives nice PvP bonus
5 GE , Mystery Scroll
6 GE , Mystery Recipe
4 GE , Battle Pouch
Also since Jump there is a possibilety to get Recipes for PvP gear for a pretty high price.
But it can be cheaper than trying your luck with the PvP gear.
The PvP LvL 130 Jewel Set

Mystery scrolls,
There is a pretty high deversity on scrolls,
But mostly its like the scrolls we already have +5% working change.

Mystery Recipe,
These seem not quite usefull anymore.

Battle Pouch,
This one is a bitch, really...
If your lucky you will double your GE with it.
If you are really lucky you might even get Battle Manual <Theory> from it
Its just a matter of luck, there are no numbers to the drops it gives.
But the Chaos weapons are lvl 30 and have lvl 60 stats.
There is also 1 or 2 reports for Battle Manual <practice>
So if you happen to like PvP you might aswell try your luck.

Good Luck at PvPing,

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