A Guide to the Potential System

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A Guide to the Potential System

Post  Froze on Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:48 pm

The Potential System Guide
written by: thievspwnu

1) What is the potential system?

Basically, the potential system is a system which makes your equips way more powerfull, by getting % stats on them.
Because the equips got so much more powerfull they actually changed the monsters in the big bang patch.
I made this guide since i heard from several sources that ems is getting the potential system quite soon.
With quite soon i mean between the next patch (1 month) and july.

2) How do I get potential on my equip?

After the potential patch, some of the equips dropped by monsters will have a hidden potential.
Once you find one of those equips, you can recover the potential by using a magnifying glass on it.
Magnifying glasses can be found in all the potion shops.
There are different types of magnifying glasses, depending on the level of the hidden potential item you have, you have to use different magnifying glasses:
Basic magnifying glass: for equips up to lvl 30
Average magnifying glass: for equips up to lvl 70
Advanced magnifying glass: for equips up to lvl 120
Premium magnifying glass: for all equips

Once you got the correct magnifying glass, you doubleclick it, and then click on the equip, which should be in your equip inventory.
Now you item has potential.

But what if you have a godly scrolled item, on which you don’t have potential yet?
Don’t worry, there are scrolls which can give your item hidden potential!

These scrolls can be bought in the free market, or made by yourself.
To make a 70% potential scroll you need 5 miracle cube fragments, and for a 90% potential scroll you will need 10.
Miracle cube fragments can be obtained by using a miracle cube, i’ll explain that later.
The downside of using these scrolls on a godly item, is that when they fail, theres a 100% change that the item will boom.
Heres a video of how to use potential scrolls, and how to use the magnifying glasses:

3) My equip has bad stats, how do I change them?

After you got potential on your item, you can change it.
To reset your potential, go to the cash shop, and buy a miracle cube, these cost 1,2k nx in gms, ems prices are yet unknown, but will probably be around 1k nx.
Whenever you use a miracle cube, your item will loose its old potential, and go back to the hidden potential state, so you have to use a magnifying glass on it to get the new potential.


You will find yourself doing this alot, since using enough miracle cubes will get your item to a better potential.
The potentials are rated by rare, epic, and unique.
The number of miracle cubes you need to get to epic or unique is completely random.
I’ve heard about people getting and item unique in 10 cubes, and some were still on epic after 200 cubes.
Whenever you have used a miracle cube, you will get a miracle cube fragment, with which you can make potential scrolls, which sell for around 20m in gms.
Here's a video which shows you how to use the miracle cubes:

4) Which kind of equips do I use to get the best stats?

There is one simple rule you should obey here, the higher the level, the better the potential.
The stats are listed as following:

- Lvl 1~30: rare, 1% - epic, 2% - unique, 3%
- Lvl 31~70: rare, 2% - epic, 4% - unique, 6%
- Lvl 71~120: rare, 3% - epic, 6% - unique, 9%
- Lvl 121~200: rare, 4% - epic, 8% - unique, 12%

In the case of the equips ems has at this moment, you can conclude it is best to have all equips to be at least lvl 71.

Also, theres another reason why you should have higher leveled equips, the decent skills.
There are 4 decent skills, decent hb, decent se, decent haste, and decent mysthical door.

Decent hb can be obtained on lvl 71+ bottoms.
Decent se can be obtained on lvl 120+ gloves.
Decent haste can be obtained on lvl 71+ shoes.
Decent mysthical door can be obtained on lvl 71+ hats.

Other stats you can get are:

- 20/30% extra damage on bosses, this is useless unless you boss alot. But, after big bang, bossing is made alot easyer, since you only need to be in a party of 6, instead of having a party of 6 at the place where the boss is.
Can only be obtained on weapons.
- 30% ignore defense, this can be even more powerfull then 20/30% extra damage on bosses, if the bosses are very high leveled, like pink been. So I suggest you stick to the one you get first while cubing, 30% ignore defense or 30% extra damage. Can only be obtained on weapons.
- % extra damage on everything, very usefull, and in some cases even better then other % stats, can only be obtained on weapons.
- % attack, also very powerfull, and can only be obtained on weapons.
- attack, less powerfull then % attack, and most of the times also less powerfull then % stats.
- % critical rate, when ur a critical job it can be usefull, otherwise probably not.
- % def, hp, mp, this is just useless, unless you have a low hp job, or are a beginner.
- % to ignore a specific ammount of damage, if these would stack up, it would be godly, since it would have been possible to avoid 40% damage at 90% chance, but they dont, so its useless.
- stas like dex str int and luk, but without % rates, usually you get those at rare and epic items. But stick with % stats ofcourse, since those are way better.
- useless things like % to feel emotional when hit.

The 30% ignore defense is only more powerfull after the big bang patch, before the big bang patch 20/30% extra damage on bosses is way better.
This is because after the big bang patch, defense will be a % damage loss, instead of a fixed ammount like before the big bang patch.
Here's a video to show you what i mean with this, look at the very low ammount of damage he does in pink beens last form:

Heres an example of how your gear might look after the potential patch.

This particular gear isn't even that powerfull, since most items are still epic, so this is a great example of how much extra power the average mapler can get.
You also notice that most of his items are clean or badly scrolled, this is a consequence of the potential system, since potentials now matter for then scrolling.

5) Any tips to get the most advantage of this system?

Yes, if you are planning to make godly equips now, don’t do it.
The potential items can have different ammounts of stats, 2 stats or 3 stats.
So it’s best to wait untill the patch, and first get a clean equip with 3 lines, and scroll that, instead of scrolling it now, risking to boom it, and in the end having only 2 lines instead of 3.
Also, now is the time to stack up mesos and / or nx, since you will need alot of that once we get this system.
Getting all your equips to unique, with usefull stats, will cost you around 1 million nx on average, which is around 15 to 20 billion mesos at the moment.

Also, hunting for equips can finally be profitable again, in gms, higher lvled 3 lined equips, which you can find by hunting monsters, are sold for up to 20m each!

And for the richer people, you can make your own decent skill service.
Get an equips with a decent skill, like hb pants, and let others equip it for lets say 50m, because once you equip it you got the skill, and once you unequip it you still have it.
I’m 100% sure there will be lots and lots of players who would pay 50m to get hb or any other decent skill.
But, make sure you arent scammed, by asking them to trade the decent skill item for an item of the same price + the costs for lending them your item.

oh, and u might want to know this:

decent skills and Big Bang.
Before Big Bang, u only need to equip the item with a decent skill ONCE to be able to use the skill FOREVER.
HOWEVER, after Big Bang u will need the item to be EQUIPPED to be able to use the skill.
BUT, if u get the decent skills BEFORE Big Bang, u wont need to have the item equipped.
SO, get ur decent skills BEFORE Big Bang, and NEVER, yes, NEVER, EVER, equip a decent skill item AFTER Big Bang because then u will have to EQUIP the item if u want to use ur decent skill, which SUCKS.
6) I also heard about those enhancement scrolls, how do these work?

Enhancement scrolls are a whole new type of scrolls, but they're quite easy to explain and understand, since pretty much everything you need to know is written in the description:

Basically, the scroll will randomly improve the stats on your equip when it works, if it fails, 100% boom.
The more scrolls you have passed, the smaller the succes rate gets.
Usually, people don't go much further then 4 enhances, the 40% boom rate on the 5th is already higher then when you use a 30% scroll on your godly item, which you shouldn't do.
Though, in other versions of MapleStory in which they had the enhancement scrolls, they were able to hack them in such a way that they would never fail, so 1000+ att weapons are seen there.
So I think this ruins the game if they add this to ems, since we know how easy scrolls can be hacked in ems by experience.

Godly item made with enhancement scrolls:

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Re: A Guide to the Potential System

Post  Amy on Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:21 pm

Hmm interesting! *Stroke's Uncle Froze's beard*
Seems like they're changing everything. OH EM GEE GEE GEE GEE!

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Re: A Guide to the Potential System

Post  Formaldahyde on Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:43 pm

I read the guide... but where does NX come in the picture...
is it even possible to get good equips without using NX or overpriced items?
Like when u find an item, mag glass it and then use scroll or something ?

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Re: A Guide to the Potential System

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