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Post  Amaterasu on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:24 pm

Hi, Amaterasu here, I'm hearing a lot of requests of doing boss runs together with the union so I'm planning a Regular Horntail run with everyone interested on the 13th (next week Wednesday) 20:30 mapletime. I believe it be good to strenghten our bounds between the guilds and to start downing some bosses, or we might lose players as they grow stronger.


Lvl 120+ (preferable 140+)
All pree quests done.
4~5k base hp (will be around 2k for mages)
HB potions would be a big + if you know your low on health.

I ask for everyone of you to tell Alliance if you find a Manon so that as many as possible can complete the quest before Wednesday.

*IMPORTANT* Just get all ingredients don't complete the quest or you will most likely have to remake it. We complete it together.

I expect the run to go smooth as we've grown a lot stronger since earlier runs. There will be people DC'ing and some might die. But if we survive with 11 people or more we will get drops and might head in for a 2nd run (be sure to bring all cures and enough pots)

There will be a loot list for pendant's. So all pet loot needs to be off.

Hopefully I'l see you on the 13'th and feel free to ask any questions if there's something you don't understand or anything you want to know.

Sincere Ama~


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