KoC Arkarium Bossing Prequests

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KoC Arkarium Bossing Prequests

Post  DrCaduceus on Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:27 am

1. Neinheart should tell you to go to Time of Temple (ToT) to accept a quest from Della at ToT

2. Go to “Three Doors” and push UP on the sand fountain. (It’s a little after the Temple Keeper NPC. It is NOT ON THE FAR RIGHT)

3. Go back to Della, accept her new quest to hunt for 50 Dragon Warrents and 1 L. Essence.

4. Hunt for 50 Dragon Warrents at Blue Dragon Turtles. (They drop fast)

5. Go to Ereve, and do Neinheart’s quest to get the L. Essence. do NOT KILL the monsters. WEAKEN THEM and CATCH THEM.

6. Turn in quest to Della after doing #4 and #5. Accept her new quest.

7. Enter the sand fountain mentioned in part 2. Kill all Monsters FIRST, and THEN use the L. Essence.

8. Accept Della’s quest when she appears.

9. Kill 100 Dark Monks and Dark Guards inside the dimension crack.

10. Return to Della and turn in quest, then accept her new one.

11. Kill Akyrum. Make sure you have 6 people for the best chances of killing him.

The killing of Akyrum is to be done 7 times in total, 1 per day.

Stole from something :DDD

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