Ellin Party Quest

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Ellin Party Quest

Post  liz on Mon May 16, 2011 9:53 am

How to access Ellin Forest?

You can get to Ellin Forest via Helios Tower (100th Floor) which is in Ludibrium.
Once you are there go up and go into the Time Control Room from where you can access Ellin Forest.

<---- (Time Control Room)
Ellin PQ Requirements Additional info:

Level Range: 45 - 55

No. of Members: 4 - 5

Other: This party quest is only for Adventurers. No KOCs' or Arans.
Additional info:

Time: The time limit is 30 minutes for this PQ.

NPCs' involved: Ellin (Talk to her after you have formed your party so you can start the PQ)

Experience: Each stage you finish will not give you experience. All experience is given at the end of the PQ once the boss
is succesfully killed.

Other: Once you enter the party quest you will be transformed to look like a legendary hero, based on what your job is.






Now that the requirements and additional info are clear lets go on to the actual Party quest.

Stage 1

This stage couldn't be more simple.
Once you go in just kill all the monsters. When they are all defeated go to the right and into the portal.

Poisoned Lord Tree:

Stage 2

Now as soon as you enter the stage don't kill the monsters. Instead you must lure them to the center of the map (on the bridge)
and then kill them.
If you kill them anywhere else they will drop concentrated poison which cannot be picked up. If you kill them at the right place
they drop Diluted poison.
Once you collect 4 diluted poisons head to the right of the map and drop the poison one by one by the green thorn bush.
Once you are done proceed to the next map through the portal.

Tips for this stage (thanks Liamy369): In order to make this stage easier it would be helpfull if the party has one
or even all of the following if possible.

*A Brawler - Why? Because Brawlers have Corkscrew Blow which will make pushing the monsters to the center of the map very easy.
*An Ice Lightning Mage - Why? Because they can freeze monsters, hence the monsters will not escape from the bridge.
*A Bowman/Crossbowman - Why? Similar to Brawlers but can also stun the monsters.

Poisoned Stone Bug:

Diluted poison:

Concentrated poison:

Stage 3

Welcome to the maze. In stage 3 the map is basically a maze of portals. All the party members have to find the way to get to Ellin.
The NPC is located at the bottom right corner. The member that gets to her, simply talk to her and the party will be warped to the
next stage.

Stage 4

This stage will remind you of Ariant PQ for those of you who have done it. You must talk to Ellin and choose the first option.
She will give you 10 transparent marbles which you need to use to capture Poison Sprites.
To capture the monster you have to weaken it first and then use the marble to capture it. It will be faster if you have the marbles on
a hotkey in order to save time, rather than clicking the marbles each time.
Once the party has collected 20 Poison Sprites the stage will be cleared.

Note for this stage: The monsters do not have HP bars and may take a while until you can judge accurately when you can capture
them or stop hitting them so they don't die.

Tips for this stage
: No more than one person should attack the same monster.

Poison Sprite:

Stage 5

Ewwww! Not another jump quest...Just kidding. Jump Quests are cool Razz. Back on topic this stage is a jump quest. The aim is to get
to the top, break the boxes and see if you can find the Purple Magic Stone.
Whoever finds it just go back down and talk to the NPC to go to the next stage.

It is best to split so some members take left, middle and right.

Purple Magic Stone:

Stage 6

Finally, the boss stage. You must drop the Purple Magic Stone on the altar and the Poison Golem will be summoned.
This boss has 3 phases. Kill all three to complete the party Quest. When he dies he drops loads of pots and mesos along with a Black Marble. When finished move on to the portal to complete the party quest.

Tips for this stage: All cures might come in handy as the boss uses all kind of things so you can fail. Razz

Poison Golem level 1:
Poison Golem level 2:

Poison Golem level 3:

End of Ellin PQ Rewards:
Once finished you will get 54000 experience along with an Altair's Fragment.
The fragments are used to get the Altair Earrings and the Glittering Altair Earrings.

Altair Earrings: To get them you need 20 Fragments a Rank B with 20 completed PQs', a shortest time of 20 minutes and a success rate of 50%

STR +1, DEX +1, INT +1, LUK +1, M.DEF 25, 5 slots

Glittering Altair Earrings
: To get them you need 30 Fragments a Rank A with 50 completed PQs', a shortest time of 15 minutes and a success rate of 70%

STR +2, DEX +2, INT +2, LUK +2, M.DEF 25, 5 slots

Note : If you want to sell these earrings or trade them you will have to use Scissors of Karma.

BasilMarket (images)
Strategywiki (images)
MapleWiki (images)
Mapletip (images)
superbiae (Experience detail, Stage 4 & 6 notes and tips)
from http://forum.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?g=posts&t=209328


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Re: Ellin Party Quest

Post  JohnLocke on Mon May 16, 2011 4:50 pm

I still think its the most beautiful place in EMS, and the best PQ too!

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